Gold Au $2320.06 $-11.83
Silver Ag $29.46 $-0.07
Platinum Pt $972.05 $13.41
Palladium Pd $895.59 $10.53

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About Us

Rare Coins and Gold is a New York Based Rare Coin, and bullion distributor. With over 100 million in rare coin sales, Rare Coins and Gold offers only the finest in bullion and certified rare coins. We are a big distributor in both, the wholesale and retail markets, As well as a major buyer of all things gold and silver. Should you have a collection of rare coins, precious metals, or other collectibles, please feel free to stop by our store on 57th street, and 8th avenue for an immediate offer. Should you need an appraiser to come to your home, we can also send one over free of charge!