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We appraise and buy all types of gold coins-foreign and domestic-whether the coins are in a necklace, sealed plastic case, or have been sitting around in the safety deposit box. Get your free appraisal from our top rated coin buyers today!

A golden American eagle coin
American Eagle
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An American buffalo gold coin
American Buffalo
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A Canadian maple leaf gold coin
Canadian Maple
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A Mexican Libertads gold coin
Mexican Libertads
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A Perth mind kangaroo gold coin
Perth Mint Kangaroo
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A Perth mint linar gold coin
Perth Mint Lunar
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An Austrian mint gold coin
Austrian Mint
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A Great Britain gold coin
Great Britain
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A gold coin from china
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A South African gold coin
South African
Mint Gold Coins
A gold coin from Somalia
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First Spouse gold coin
First Spouse
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A US commemorative gold coin
U.S. Commemorative
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A gold coinf of the pre-1933 era
Pre-1933 U.S.
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An IRA approved gold coin
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We have been turning your unused, unwanted or broken gold in to fast cash and have been doing so successfully, with over twenty years' experience in the industry.

Gold Coin Values

Gold is one of the most valuable substances in the world. Countries all over the world used gold coins as their highest form of currency for centuries. Today, gold coins have fallen out of favor due to the convenience of paper bills. However, gold still has value in the international market, and is traded in the form of bullion, rounds, and coins. Gold coins are “kings” in the gold market, as they are by far the most valuable. However, gold coin values can be difficult to decipher for people with little background in gold. That's why today we're going to talk about gold coin values, and whether you are sitting on top of an enormous fortune.

Like most forms of money, gold coins are made to exchanged. However, unlike other forms of money, a single gold coin can grow exponentially more valuable depending on its rarity. This means that, after changing hands several times, a gold coin can wind up in the hands of a fellow who has no understanding of the its true value. This is why many of the people who inherit gold coins never realize that the few ounces of gold they keep in their attic are actually the most valuable items in their home.

Gold coin values are determined by many factors, but the most important ones are the purity (or how much gold is in the coin) of the coins and the rarity of that particular set. These factors are both difficult to distinguish for the layman, but are far easier for those that professionally sell gold coins. Following that, here are a few tips to determine whether your coin is a true treasure. Firstly, one should look for anything resembling a year. No matter the origin of the coin, almost all of them have the year of their issue printed somewhere on the coin. Generally speaking, the older coins are almost always rarer.

For example, last year a California couple turned in hundreds of gold coins in they had found buried in their backyard. The coins were worth a total of $11 million dollars, with one coin (a rare “Double Eagle) selling for $15,000 by itself. While this is extremely unusual, the gold market is filled with stories of hidden treasures and sudden influxes of cash. The second thing to do would be to look up any images on the coin, to see if you can find the coins origin. The best way to find out your coins' value, however, is to talk to an expert. If you think you want to sell gold coins, contact us, and we'll appraise your coins for you.


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